These are our more active students:

WE HAVE TWO WINNERS ( from Monday 21st June to Sunday 27th June) :
Also, Anass worked this week. Good boy!

This week, 12th to 20th June, we have 3 winners:
Also, Arnau, Mar, Kamal, Raul Ceb., Assia and Daniela worked on the wiki! Good work!

The winner this week, from 7th to 11th June is:
yoursign.jpgAlso : Hakeue, Zaka, Daniela, Raul, Maria, Elias. Good work!

This week, from 31st May to 6th June, our winners are:
Other active students were: Kamal, Vero, Rocío, Nabil, Assia, Bouchra.
Great work!!!!!

24th to 30th May winners are:


And special mention to : Dani, Kamal, Youssef, Zaka,Hamza and Rocío!!!!!!
They worked too!!!!!

17th to 23rd May winner:
Keep writing and you will be the next one!