23th JuneToday it's Wednesday, I'm at school. Children are on holidays, but teachers are working. The Municipal Market is demolished! (Mercè)

Today we'll throw firecrackers at night (Raul, 4thA)

external image petardos.jpg

24th June

Today we have tended to sweep the street last night why we threw firecrackers and many street take a shit. (Raul 4th A)

broom.jpg street.jpg fire.jpgRaul 4th A

Today we celebrated the Birthday of my brother Ian, I will eat a cake, after a while I went to the park and we happened to me one very well. (Mar 4th A)

25th June
Today Vera going to school to play and paint can go to the pool.

mario.jpg hand.jpg pool.jpg

This morning i have gone to house of a friend to play, distaken when I have arrived at home I have put in the computer and me put in the wikispaces and I have written this text. (Mar 4th A)

26th June

Today it's Saturday. Today is the penultmate day that is when god already was having just done the light, the water, the land, etc... (Ana 3rd B)

27th June
Today I'm at home, 4 festive days have finished! I have been to the beach and to the swimming pool, it was sunny and the water was so refreshing!(Mercè)

28th June

today and reviewed all English cations i the avia not yet learned
were very pretty

external image serviCD.jpgRAUL4thA

29th June

30th June

Today Esalen and the summer cole ye my father arrived home in the garden i esavn they told me hola Raul

external image jardin.jpgraul 4thA

1st July
July begins today in the Don Diego come July night, the festa of carre tmvines Vilamirosa
external image don-diego-de-noche.jpg external image calle2.jpg external image cavallitos.jpeg external image 364.jpg external image tiendas-segunda-mano-barcelona.jpg external image 155740848_dfbfd3d987.jpg

2nd July

Today I sleep in my grandmother's house, parue of the hand are made of Vilamirosa how my grandmother came to the custo Carre Vilamirosa mast step. external image cleardot.gif
external image dormir.gif external image piso-malaga.jpg external image abuela.jpg external image fiesta-comunidades-simpson.png

lultimo today is the day of the feast day of Vilamirosa'll play the game of musical chairs after the mummy i play the game more fun because Auga afternoon of the football i aran despuespor night i was just a firecracker party the Vilamirosa.

external image a_485.jpg external image aguavaoa5.jpg external image luna-noche.jpg external image mostextreme10.png external image fuegosartificiales.jpg external image adeu.gif

Today we're going to a Summer camp. Today we have...wait, I'm looking at the timetable, today we have games and sports.

external image 3087403237_0792cc83b1.jpg external image Horario%252002%2520verano%25202007%2520500x.jpg external image 3701-1.jpg external image tennis-masters-series-4.jpg

Today is "San Fermin" and in Pamplona the bulls run along the streets after boys wearing white trousers, white T-shirts and a red scarf!

this morning as usual to go to school in summer. at noon by abituale gets to eat. afternoons at the pool. at night i dorir to be descansao for the day protcimo

external image thumb.f74a910bcd6e8a9b148d0ec0a40cc26c.3054c01a24a9c255d50d1d8e82911dd0.jpeg external image verano1.jpg external image mediodia091106qb0.jpgexternal image homer-simpson-comida-hombre2.gif external image arguineguin-por-la-tarde.jpg external image piscina.jpg

external image Por%2Bla%2Bnoche%2Bcuando%2Bla%2Bola%2Brepitiendo%2Bnaufragios.jpg external image 1233076574054_f.jpgGood night!

Hello, everyone! I'm not in Manlleu right now, but I will not tell you where I am. It's cloudy and windy, it's not hot here.
Where is Merce?

Here I am:
imagesCA0APVN3.jpgI'm not in India! Where is it???? Merce is in London(Raul 4thA)external image LONDRES1_500.jpg
?(Kamal 4th A) No, Raul, I'm not in London!!!! But I'm speaking English all day!!! It's on the coast...

Hello, students! Are you enjoying your holidays? Are you going to the swimming pool every day?
I am studying English!!!!!! And I'm in England!!!!!! But today is Saturday...No classes today!
Today I'm on an excursion. I'm visiting Oxford, where's an important university:
uni.jpeg uni2.jpeg
and Windsor, where there's the Queen's castle:
I'm going to classes in the morning from 9 to 12,30 and in the afternoon from 1,30 to 3.
external image london45.jpg

I'm going to a London theatre to see a musical: "Chicago" Wow! I'm very happy!

Hellooooo! I'm at home now, in Manlleu again!

Do you remember this saying? "There's no place like home"

I'm happy to be at home, but it's veeeeery hot!

I'm eating some "jelly babies" I bought at the airport yesterday...jelly1.JPG jelly2.JPG Yummy!

It's very hot at home! But it's Summer...So, I'm washing my clothes and putting them in the cupboard. My suitcase is empty and almost everything is back on its place (Mercè)

I went to the street market, in Vic, and I met 4 teachers! (Mercè)

I went to Ikea in Badalona this morning. I bought some things for my kitchen, some candles and a "cat", a black cat...well, it's not a cat, it's a cushion to use on the sofa. it's got yellow eyes and a furry body. It's so cute! (Mercè)

I'm busy today! I'm washing some Nespresso capsules at home, I want to make new decorations for school... Any ideas? (Mercè)