The alphabet song

The Alphabet Song by The LMNOPs from The LMNOPs on Vimeo.

The weather song

When two vowels go walking...

World airline traffic: one day in one minute!

Flash Mob in Stockholm: a tribute to Michael Jackson

Flashmob: Fundació Astrid in Espai Gironès

10 questions for Daniel Radcliffe (Harry Potter)

Do you like football? I like bodyzorbing!

Would you like a piano on the stairs?

We can learn the alphabet with nations:

Now, watch this Summer video:

A slide in the underground :

A stop motion animation:

Birds in love! a fantastic story in the Nature.

The students of the university of Vic uploaded recently this fantastic video, they
are singing in English and worked hard! Do you know any of the students or teachers?

Where is Matt?
Watch this famous video: